Process Mapping for Business Clarity

How to achieve business clarity

Many businesses struggle with getting their staff and systems to work harmoniously. Constant challenges include:

  • Unproductive staff;
  • frustrating outcomes;
  • product or service errors; and
  • duplication and rework.

One of the main aspects that contribute to business challenges is not everyone understands the process(s) sufficiently to be able to work towards a successful outcome. In running workshops with key staff in many businesses to gain clarity, it often becomes clear that not everyone understands the processes associated with their business, and that often includes the business owner.

If a process is not sufficiently understood, how can a business expect everyone to play their part in contributing to a good outcome for their customer? Or worse, how do you know that there are ineficiencies in your current process that are frustrating staff and costing you money.

From sales to operations – is the handover effective?

A recent review of a customers processes unearthed that an average sales pipeline from enquiry to confirmed order was up to six months in many instances. The business was providing fittings to external buildings and lead times often involved enquiries from: building owners, architects, builders, or others involved with the build.

Once the sales order(s) was finally confirmed, the details were quickly passed to production with minimum (or missing) information and short lead times, resulting in incomplete or missing product information, insufficient inventory to meet the order, and other missing specifications required by production. Customer frustration often needed lots of attention, and product rework was quite the norm.

After mapping out the processes from end to end, involving key staff members, and developing an internal intranet where processes, procedures, training materials, and other important information was stored, the business was able to udpate and train all staff, provide clarity for what was required and implement a quality system to track progress.

Results? Well, how does an installation success rate from 45% to 95% in 7 months, and increased overall revenue growth of 230% sound?

Map your processes

If you are experiencing frustration in your business, talk to us to see how Greenfields Business Advisory can:

  • help you gain clarity of your business;
  • map your business processes;
  • build an online solution to house processes;
  • convert processes into automated digital solutions to achieve operational optimisation.